Team ID

Baidawi Assing- (Web-Master and site- layout & design) Former Navy Seal and part-time Mariachi Band leader. He likes long walks on the beach and pina-coladas. When not building multi-color model hot-air balloons to display on his front lawn for the delight of his nieghbours he takes care of
flock of feral pigeons in his attic.

He possesses every ‘Care-Bear’ teddy-bear ever made which he proudlydisplays in his living room.
Oh and he is also the mastermind behind


David A. James (Cover pics & Web-site designs) Bitten by a radioactive spider he …. no that’s not quite right… Billionaire play-boy by day, angry masked-vigilante at night…hmmmm… Raised by wolves on the plains of…i give up…

Seriously though …Professional Artist, Author and Visionary founder of


Sean H. Koping (Author and general mal-content) is a native-son of the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Born in the year of the rabbit he possesses an uncanny ability to predict the past and damage all manner of technological devices through blatantly improper use.

Having a day-job, that he would like to keep for the foreseeable future, he writes part-time.

His objective as an author can be summed up in three simple words : “entertain, educate and engage.”

Sadly, he may be contacted at