Moments of TRuthe (article)

Moments of TRuth:

 “There are two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t so; the other is to refuse to believe what is.” – Soren Kierkegaard


Hello again, my fellow truth-seekers, today we deal with -

The Men In Black

Accounts of these shadowy figures have been documented for 50 years, and they have become as integral to UFO lore as the Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell, Area 51 and crop circles. This article is about the real deal. Most of the information comes from stuff that I already know, while the rest comes from brave high-ranking government officials who can never be named in fear that they may endanger the lives of themselves or their families.

Described as “sartorial agents of silence”, they are believed to move in groups of two or three. They wear black suits and ties; travel in similarly colored sedan vehicles that are almost always described as looking curiously brand new. They purportedly turn up at the houses of those who claim to have had un-explainable experiences or encountered extraterrestrials.  In all cases the witnesses who met these men (and women) claimed that they were warned not to pursue their investigations.

They say everyone from Hawking to Asimov has had their say on the issue of the existence of the ‘Men in Black. We have been purposefully offered outlandish explanations ranging from humanoids and reptoids, angel hair and hoaxes, interdimensional gateways and other rubbish. Some have even said that The Men in Black were linked to a branch of the US Air Force Special Activities Centre known as the 1127th Field Activities Group, which was said to comprise a group of underworld figures who were specialists in lock-picking and intimidation.

The result of all this information is the obfuscation of the virtual truth.

But here is what I know: Project Blue-book, a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force, was not terminated in 1970. In fact, its current iteration is secretly known as Project White-Rabbit. Staffed by select scientists and elite NATO military personnel from around the globe they operate in a world without borders and laws. The men in black are in fact multinational-military operatives working for Project White-Rabbit.

One purported recent eye-witness account of these operatives was given to an amateur crypto-zoologist who went out hoping to make history but found instead mystery:-

“We arrived three days after the tsunami had struck the island and two days after we got the call. The natives said no lives were lost this time and attributed it to one of their ‘gods’ who they claimed had been washed-up on land with the wave. We knew from the description that this was the carcass of an un-discovered species so we wasted no time and spared no expense to get there first.

But by the time we had gotten there, according to our translator, the natives all said that some men had come in the night. They recounted being drugged with some sort of gas and while the men took their ‘god’ from the altar that the villagers had made for it. The doctor that had come with our group indicated that some of the villagers still displayed visible signs of having been exposed to some kind of narcotic. But un-fortunately the blood-samples we brought back revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

The natives claimed people dressed in black, with their faces covered, had only one distinguishing mark- a white- luminescent patch which they all wore on their right-shoulders with writing beneath. I asked some of the natives to try to describe the symbol that they saw. 


 Hic sunt monstra b&W finalE001EmbossedE0012

The drawing above (later interpreted by a professional artist) made no sense.  No known military uses this insignia.

I would have chalked it all down to a mass-hallucination brought on by the trauma and stress of having narrowly survived a tsunami if it weren’t for the words…

“Hic sunt monstra.”

Which for the un-initiated, fellow truth-seekers, is Latin for the phrase: “Here there be monsters.”


Remember:”The TRUTH is heavy, therefore few care to carry it.”


This is Talbot Ruthe. 2020

“We’re all mad here.”