Weapons and Technology

The Weapons

I preface this section by categorically stating that: I hate guns but understand the need for them; in the right hands.
That being said, the weapons and tech of of ID needed to seem authentic, and seeing as this was a ‘near- future’ science fiction scenario I chose to have the characters use the most up-to- date weapons I could find currently in actual use. I chose (in some instances ‘signature’) weapons for the characters based on two simple criteria:

  1. If they had a cool names or designations;
  2. How bad-ass and futuristic they looked visually.MX-29 SABR OICW

With some weapons I took liberties and went into the realm of the fantastic such as the M4A1 Chinese triple pulse assault rifle. Also the experimental upside-down harness sniper-rifle and helmet rig that shot depleted-uranium rounds was also another flight of fancy thrown in originally for narrative effect.
Other weapons such as the USP 46. For example were, in fact, errors. More so when it was learnt (during writing) that the 45. in USP 45., meant 45 caliber. And my 46. was really meant to signify a more advanced version of the USP45. hand-gun. In the end I decided to leave it in.

The rationale: even James Bond had a favorite gun and it is meant to be fiction after-all.

The Technology

Just like the weapons, most of the technology referenced in ID were based on real-world technology and medicine. The more fanciful applications such as the tech behind Rabbit’s Cybiotic limb(s) were more guess-timations and predictions on where and how technology in those fields might advance given the current levels of technology at this time. It was also an opportunity to’ play ‘at being a futurist.

Another use of technology that may or may not turn out to be flight of fancy (or hope) was the proliferation in  governmental use of efficient and powerful hybrid cars/ SUVs as official transports.

Alien Tech

The idea of machines and organics reversing roles is not a new idea in science fiction. But I found the idea of a synthetic-sentient being using biological DNA as ‘building blocks’ to create specialized life-forms intriguing. Particularly as the concept conveniently lent itself to the idea of the ancient alien conspiracy.

Originally, the short story ended with Rabbit’s death on the Gossamer Muse, but as the idea expanded in the writing of the novel so did the concept of the enemies and even the protagonist(s). Far from being a ‘super –man’, I wanted Rabbit to have a physical vulnerability to match his psychological vulnerabilities .i.e. lack of confidence and not thinking things through properly. So the introduction of the “cybiotic-arm” (in my mind and hopefully the reader’s) brought and kept the Sci-fi aspect of story front and centre particularly in during the action sequences.

At one point during the planning stage for part 3 I toyed with the idea of Rabbit having robotic legs however the arm idea seemed more appropriate. And the fact that it was just one arm and one eye was meant to enhance the narrative idea that rabbit when Rabbit he compared himself to his A.C.E.S.  team-mates he would find himself lacking as he himself wasn’t exactly ’whole.’

It should be noted that his right eye was originally intended to play a bigger role in the story but the final iteration of the draft didn’t allow for it. Though I would have liked to explore a more weaponized version of Rabbit’s arm and eye and given him a more James Bond / Batman vibe. In the final analysis I decided that to do something like that in ID would have detracted from the main storyline which was already complicated enough (IMHO) to tell since the style dictated that Rabbit needed to be in every scene and the reader could only find out information moment Rabbit did. (Perhaps in the sequel maybe…riiiight. Lol!).

The Gun Show


XM-29 SABR OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) This was the real world basis for the ACE unit’s standard assault rifle the OICWv2

FN F2000 Assault Rifle

FN F2000 assault rifle
Used by Rabbit to shoot down Reaper drone.

Tavor CTAR-21

Tavor CTAR-21 (compact version)
This is Shehadi’s preferred assault rifle. Also the rifles used by Boudreaux’s Mercenary Team

HK MP7A1 Submachine Gun

HK MP7A1 submachine gun / personal defense weapon
Used by Secret service

FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon/Submachine Gun

FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon/Submachine Gun
Used by Secret Service/Mercenary Assault Force