Welcome to the Imminent Domain


What is Imminent Domain?

Imminent Domain is not about perfection. It is all about possibilities…

I D was born out of a fever-dream caused by the lack decent Saturday night programming on the Syfy channel. (Yeah. I said it! … Now politely ignore the the fact that I was actually at home on Saturdays nights to know this.)

After in-depth and lengthy criticism of their numerous offerings I decided to take a shot at crafting a story of my own. To do this I came up with three simple rules to follow when coming to telling the story:

Rule no. 1

Make it smart, but accessible (and always fun).

Rule no. 2

Use every sci-fi Action adventure cliché /trope I could possibly think of whenever possible… except in cases where it will violate rule no. 3

Rule no. 3

Don’t make it suck. i.e. Chances are If it sounds really, really cool at 3:30 am in the morning; it’s probably NOT!

For example: All monsters do not need to be blown up at the end of the story even when explosives haven’t been invented yet. ( I’m looking at you SyFy!)

So with the Three rules in mind I set about on the research oddesey that would eventually become the novel Imminent Domain.

And this website has been designed primarily to enhance and expand upon the experience  and material provided by the ebook/ novel Imminent Domain; a sort of digital ‘companion-piece’ to the novel.

In the end, If nothing else; Imminent Domain the novel  is meant to be an example of what is possible with an idea when we have the courage to let go and try despite negativity, constraints and sometimes even logic. And just maybe prove that sometimes the impossible merely requires a few less hours of sleep.

Now let’s see what happens…

-Sean H. Koping