The story continues…Find out more about the world of Imminent Domain. Delve deeper into character histories and the background events that shaped the saga of Nathan Benjamin.   From the top-secret files of Project White-Rabbit -Excerpts from the logs of  Dr. Edward J. Schuller:

Intelligent Designs?

Notes on the ENEMY-

The entity known as GAIA

 “If the Shepherds incredulous story is to be believed, Gaia leads, controls and monitors her creations via a hive-mind. This supports my initial hypothesis regarding the behavior of the Bio-forms encountered by PWR operatives on the Gossamer Muse; and most certainly accounts for the difference in behavior patterns among the ‘Podies’ (I loathe that designation) we currently have in containment for study at our PWR facilities. The Shepherds unspoken fear of Gaia is indeed very intriguing particularly in light of the fact  that they  claim that all of Gaia’s ’ agents serve  ‘her’ unwillingly (via the hive mind).  When captured, those still capable of speech, utter the same phrase repeatedly-

“Free will is an illusion. The maker’s will is all.”

As a man of science I find this constant continued occurrence unsettling at best. Could they be trying to warn us?” 

-Professor Edward J. Schuller

The Combat Bio-forms

(Malacostracan decapod-deformares)

“Agent Benjamin and his collegues in the field have described them as “fast, agile, mobile and hostile.”. To refer to this classification of bio-form as ‘Crusties’ (another inappropriate designation) is totally misleading. Heavily armored and highly intelligent the A.C.E.S. section has yet to bring  back one of these specimens alive for my team to properly study.

According to the Shepherds, they are remnants of one of Gaia’s initial first-contact errors, they seemingly perform the task of over-seers. Addtional preliminary field reports (gathered from several encounters) indicatethat  they also appear to be ranked into a fixed hierarchical structure consisting of Soldiers, Workers and Harvesters. Additionally, the Shepherds claim that the Crusties sometimes perform specialized tasks under the direct supervision and control of Gaia. PWR operatives encountered two of the three classes of this type of Combat bio-form during what is now referred to as the Gossamer Muse event.


Their hulking musculature structure is covered by a thick bone-hard bioluminescent carapace that is resistant to most small-arms fire. The bioluminescent quality of the ‘armor’ plating enables the creatures to camouflage themselves. This camouflage, according to reports from the field, is extremely effective in low light conditions.

Offensively the Malacostracan decapod-deformares is a crawling arsenal. Possessing two four foot long razor-sharp pincer like claws, Six sectionized and tapered legs capable of piercing three inches of steel plating, and two prehensile whip-like tails capable of expelling barbs laced with a lethal neuro-toxin.

Professor Edward J. Schuller


“Post mortem and toxicology reports reveal that the Bio-forms  referred to as Podies are in fact human beings who have been  genetically altered by  exposure to a combination of (an un-identifiable) type of radiation and a prolonged bath in a chemical cocktail contained in specially designed bio-organic gestation chambers. Podies do not retain any traces of former human personalities. Thus far the effects of the change to this ‘feral’ form seem to be irreversible. It should be noted that it appears without the telepathic hive-mind guidance of a ‘Crusty’ the Podies are little more than mindless killing-machines that will attack and kill any non bio-form entity on sight.

Though significantly stronger than the average human being their resistance to damage is the same since they wear no form of clothing or armor. However, a recent reconnaissance report from SEAL Team 6 is purported to have footage of Podies wearing some sort of armor seemingly powered by thier bodies.

Coincidentally, studies have revealed that Podie physiology produces a significantly higher BTU output than the normal human body. This has led some of our specialists to conclude that their life-spans may be significantly shorter. Either way the transformation is a death sentence.”

Professor Edward J.  Schuller